S2, Episode 5- “Communism and Cartoons” with Shelby Oshel

“Communism and Cartoons: Understanding Themes of Gender and Nationalism in Soviet Animations”

Cheburashka” by pop★ is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

In this episode, Hollie Marquess is joined by senior history major Shelby Oshel to discuss Soviet animation through the lens of gender and nationalism. Shelby traces Soviet animated cartoons and films from their infancy through the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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A selection of Soviet animation:

Almalrik, Leonid. Black and White. Soyuzmultfilm Services, 1932.

Kossovsky, M. War Chronicles. Soyuzmultfilm, 1939. https://youtu.be/5lCfRGJWo8U.

Uspensky, Eduard. “Gena the Crocodile.” Cheburashka, January 1, 1969.

———. “Cheburashka.” Cheburashka, January 1, 1971.

———. “Shapoklyak.” Cheburashka, January 1, 1974.

———. “Cheburashka Goes to School.” Cheburashka, October 8, 1983.

In addition to her research on Soviet animation, Shelby briefly mentions her current research project, which is to locate the unmarked graves of two sex workers from Hays City’s Wild West days. For more on Hays City prostitution and mentions of these two particular women, see:

“The Frontier Demimonde: Prostitution in Early Hays City, 1867-1883”

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