Episode 4- “Winter in America: A Cultural History of Neoliberalism, from the Sixties to the Reagan Revolution” with Dr. Daniel McClure

In our latest episode, Assistant Professor of History, Prof. Daniel McClure discusses his latest book Winter in America. Join him as he talks to Prof. Manamee Guha about pivotal moments in 20th century American history and its impact, both nationally and globally.


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“At a time when modern-day America’s cultural and political divides are wider than ever, it’s necessary to ask how the nation came to this painful point. In Winter in America, Daniel Robert McClure provides answers. This book frequently makes for uncomfortable reading, but honest reflection on painful facts isn’t supposed to be easy. The past has much to teach us, and Winter in America is an essential guide.”–Jeff Guinn, New York Times bestselling author of Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson and The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple

Winter in America is terrific, moving ably between culture and political economy to mount a sophisticated consideration of race and gender within neoliberalism, all while taking the long view, in contrast to so many accounts supposing that 1972 marked the start something fully new. As monuments fall and we have a chance to rethink received wisdom, it offers the reader a journey that is both unpredictable and exciting.”—David Roediger, author of The Wages of Whiteness

For more on Dr. McClure and the History Department at FHSU, see: http://www.fhsu.edu/history/faculty-and-staff/Daniel-McClure/

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